Corporate Directory
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  • CN=Stephen Greco,OU=Business Intelligence,OU=Depts,DC=hdq,DC=uss,DC=com

Corporate Directory

Last updated Sep 27, 2021


Transtar Executive  

Jonathan Carnes, President & Chief Executive Officer

J.W. Burwinkel, Vice President Administration

Scott Conner, Vice President Operations

Matt Fearing, Chief Legal Officer

Alex Lang, Chief Information Officer 

Jason Baginski, Vice President Employee Relations


Transtar Management

Frank Lazzaro, Manager Revenue & Accounting; 412-433-7082

Jonathan Chiplock, Manager Safety & Industrial Hygiene; 412-235-1582

Lynn Whitmore, Manager Financial Planning & Analysis; 412-433-7373

Carrie Andrews, Manager Payroll; 412-433-7378

Ursula Lesic, Manager Human Resources; 412-433-7570

Doug Pearson, Supervisor Revenue; 412-433-7374

Dan Thompson, Supervisor Accounting; 412-433-7356

Scott Davey, Supervisor Operating System & Car Services; 412-433-7385


Transtar LLC. Billing & Physical Address

900 Thompson Run Road, Monroeville, PA 15146



Gary Railway Company:

Patrick Hearns, Superintendent Mechanical; 219-888-2217

Josh Fuller, Superintendent Maintenance;  219-888-7006

Ken Koniuszy, Train Rules Examiner; 219-888-7909

Chris Zarozny, Assistant Superintendent Transportation; 219-888-7975

Martin Burce, Assistant Superintendent Transportation; 219-888-7979

Patrick Krause, Road Foreman of Engines; 219-888-7922

Matt Cronch, Transportation Supervisor; 219-888-7913

Physical Address:    1  North Buchanan Street, KY33 Building, Gary, IN 46402   


Union Railroad Company:

Joel Hudson, General Superintendent; 412-235-1800

Patrick McGee, Superintendent Transportation; 412-235-1613

Gregory Bartosek, Superintendent Mechanical; 412-235-1569

Justin Rhorer, Superintendent Maintenance; 313-573-4051

David Deriggi, Assistant Superintendent Mechanical; 412-235-1525

Dana Cornibe, Train Rules Examiner; 412-235-1596

Robert Shook, Road Foreman of Engines; 412-235-1589

Joshua Horrell, Manager Safety & Administration; 412-235-1618

Administration Building Physical Address:  708 Duquesne Blvd., ASO Building, Duquesne, PA  15110  

Maintenance of Way Physical Address:  708 Duquesne Blvd., URR Maintenance of Way, Duquesne, PA  15110  

Signal Department Physical Address : 819 Duquesne Blvd., URR Signal Department, Duquesne, PA  15110  

Locomotive Shop Physical Address: 900 Thompson Run Rd., Monroeville, PA 15146


Texas & Northern Railway Company:

Steve Galati, Superintendent Operations; 412-559-4752

Physical Address:  6866 Highway 259 South, PO Box 0300, Lone Star, TX  75668


The Lake Terminal Railroad Company:

Joel Hudson, General Superintendent; 412-235-1800

Physical Address: 2199 East 28th Street, Stop 157, Lorain, OH  44055


The Delray Connecting Railroad Company:

Joseph Campeau, General Superintendent; 313-749-5209

Physical Address:   PO Box 18186, River Rouge MI 48218


The Fairfield Southern Company:

DD Webb, General Superintendent; 205-552-4563

Physical Address:   5700 Valley Road, Fairfield, AL 35064